Metal…the Small Fortune, Maybe?

“Good God man, what bin do I use for this garbage?” Sometime it feels that way. We already separate our garbage, why not make a few bucks. Put any metal aside and take it to your closest metal recycler for some cash. Sometimes, it’s more than expected. Old cords, appliances without gaseous chemicals, copper, brass fittings, or the broken outdoor umbrella, you don’t need to remove the canvas either. Metals Express in Saint Louis Park takes just about anything.

Junk Thing separates the metal on our pick ups. It’s mostly steel which doesn’t pay much but it reduces our fee at the landfill and it’ll get reused.

I always wondered why the consumer must separate the garbage? It’s seems we got bamboozled to do it for free. Perhaps its a conspiracy by the “Waste Management Industry – Tony Soprano Types”. Oh well, it’s the norm.

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