Reduce Your Dump Fees

Don’t go to the dump with a partially filled dump trailer.  Managing dump fees is easier than you may think.  If you don’t hit the minimum you are wasting money.  Squeeze as much as you can inside your dump trailer.

Most landfills charge a minimum fee based on tonnage.  Demo is usually 2 tons and Household items is 1 ton.  The current costs at Dem-Con in Shakopee are $45/ton for Demo with $70 miminum and $90/ton for household with a $90 minimum.

Here are our tips to improve your cost managment at the landfill.


Tip #1

Bagster Pick Up

Pick up an extra bagster job before going to dump.  This will increase your payout by $95.00 but will add a small amount to your dump fees to make sure you hit mimium.





Tip #2

Local Social Media

Register for a Nextdoor Social Media account in your neighborhood.  Put a small ad in the general area saying you are doing a “Dump Run”.  Ask them to send you a picture for a quick quote.  I charge $25 mimimum. Keep it local.

Tip #3

Get Demo Rate

When at the landfill with one or two household item, such as a mattress, let the attendant know you only have one or two non-demo items.  You will get the demo rate on all of it.

Tip #4


The obvious one it scrap metal.  Dem-Con is Shakopee has a metal recycler right there.  Drop off all the easily accessable metal from your trailer first.  You don’t get a lot of money for it but it cuts down on the weight.  Here is a list of a few metal places too.

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