Become a Flyer Distributor for Junk Thing

It is very simple…find a green dumpster Bagster in someones yard and drop a flyer. You get paid $4 per flyer. Work your own hours, your own routes, your own time.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify a Bagster bag in someone’s yard or business.
  • Put a door hanger flyer on the door or other highly visible area.
  • Drop a GPS pin on the iOS or Android App GAIA shared with us.
  • Upload picture to same app where you dropped the pin with picture of the Bagster and flyer together.
  • Once you drop 50 verifiable door hangers, you are paid $200.
  • Current Bonus (Expires September 1st, 2022) – every 100 flyers passed out in a calendar week (Monday through Sunday) you get an extra $20.

How do I determine a good route to look for bagsters?

Highly concentrated areas where there are homes is the most efficient. Minneapolis, St. Louis Park, New Hope, Richfield, and Hopkins are some good areas. Apartments are not very good and townhomes are hit and miss.

When is the best time to go?

We find Saturday through Tuesday have the most bags out.

How many bags can I find per hour?

Of course this depends on many factors, we tend to find 6-10 per hour when working efficiently.

Do I get paid double if there are 2 bags at the same place?

Sorry, this is a no.

How and when do I get paid?

Once you have dropped 50 verifiable flyers, we will pay you $200 within 2 days via Venmo, PayPal, or check.

What happens if I decide to not do it anymore, do I still get paid for the flyers I dropped?

Yes, just inform us that you are moving on. Hand us back any unused flyers and we will tally up what you have dropped and pay you $4 per verifiable flyer.

What is a verifiable flyer?

When dropping a flyer, drop a GPS pin in the app provided and attach a photograph with the bagster and dropped flyer in the picture.

How do I get the flyers?

Once you sign up, we will give you 100 flyers to start with. Then anytime you need more, just call or text us at 612-460-0979.

Start Today by filling our your information below. Please read the official agreement laid out with what we have discussed above.

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