About Our Approach

We aim to make your junk removal as easy as possible.  The satisfaction of having all your junk removed is our number one goal.

Our process is unique for Home Owners Associations.  We bring you dump bags and place them in a convenient place for each Home Owners usually within 10-15 feet from their home.  After a week, our time designated by you, we come by and pick up.  If for any reason there is an item that won’t fit in the bag, we will take it.


About Our Story

Greg Lasica started out 3 years ago with a small trailer.  After borrowing a friends trailer for a construction project, I knew I needed a trailer.  After purchasing my first trailer, I knew that their were people that could use these types of services.  One trailer turned into two and then a third very quickly.  We know have helped 100’s of people clear out their junk (well…you have stuff other people have junk)

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